Information about the PageUp Data Breach

The Harvey Norman Australia Careers site is among a number of other Australian websites which may have been impacted by a data security breach at its third party service provider, PageUp.

PageUp has advised that forensic investigations have confirmed that an unauthorised person/s gained access to PageUp systems and some personal data relating to job applicants and references may have been accessed by the unauthorised person and possibly disclosed

PageUp is not yet in a position to confirm if any specific category of user data has been compromised as a result of the data security incident

PageUp’s forensic experts have identified that compromised data may include names, street addresses, email addresses, and telephone numbers. Some employee usernames and passwords may have been accessed but are protected using encryption

Importantly, PageUp has advised that it is confident that the most critical data categories including resumes, financial information, Australian tax file numbers, employee performance reports and employment contracts are not affected in this incident

PageUp has advised that the incident has been contained on PageUp systems, and that PageUp is safe to use. 

You will be asked to create a new password when you next access the PageUp Application via the Harvey Norman®, Domayne® and Joyce Mayne® retail careers sites.

For general information about how you can you protect your data privacy, visit the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission website at  

PageUp have set up a public website which provides updates on this matter:

If you have any further questions with respect to the data security breach, please contact the Privacy Officer on or phone 1800 677 875.