Dave - Operations Manager, Warrawong Computers, Joyce Mayne, Australia

Years of experience
3 years


Tell us about your career journey?

I started out as a casual working just 3 times a week. It was not long until I was making the franchise the 2nd highest amount of money. The Franchisee was extremely happy so he promoted me to a full time sales role. Sales increased and a slew of customer compliments came rushing in. I was then promoted to Product Care Captain as I had a high success rate with this service. One year later the 2IC moved on to their own franchise and the role became available. I showed my interest to the Franchisee and was chosen as the replacement 2IC. I spent a year and a half as 2IC and then moved to a behind the scenes role ‘Operations Manager’. Funnily enough the customer compliments did not stop.


What support have you had in your career development?

Working at Joyce Mayne has allowed me to become a more confident person. Most of the job is talking and interacting with other people so social skills naturally dramatically improve. In terms of training I have done a lot to increase my effectiveness to the business. I have been to conferences, workshops, award nights, game nights and dinners either hosted by Joyce Mayne or suppliers. There is also online training that has helped me.


What have been some of the highlights of your career to date?

My favourite part of the job is definitely the interaction with others. I have so many customers specifically come back and ask for me every time. I also love surprising customers by remembering their name. It almost always guarantees you another sale. One memorable trick that I do all the time is if I know I have served someone but can’t pick their name. I try and remember what I have sold them. So I check the ledger for that product in POS, find their invoice, and surprise them by greeting them by name. I have seen some awesome reactions. One time there had been over a year since I had served them and that absolutely blew them away.