Kathryn - Franchisee Bedding Nowra, NSW Harvey Norman, Australia


Years of experience
10 Years


Tell us about your career journey?

I started with Harvey Norman when I was in year 10 during a week of work experience.

My first official job was at the Castle Hill Franchise as an Electrical and Computers cashier Thursday nights, Saturdays and Sundays.

I then went to university in Armidale and became very fortunate to receive assistance from the Harvey Norman HR team in finding a job every time I came back to Sydney for my uni holidays.

These roles were in the following areas: Instant Images, Payroll, HR, Accounts and Computers

I then went on to roles in the Support Office including a full time role as the Assistant Coordinator for Bedding before an opportunity came up to work on reception.

Three years ago I was given the incredible opportunity to go back to the Franchise to see if I would like to become a Franchisee.

As I had worked in the Support Office I worked within all areas of the business to see which one I preferred to be a part of. I started in the Electrical Franchise, North Ryde, Domayne Bedding Franchise, North Ryde, Harvey Norman Bathrooms Franchise Castle Hill and Harvey Norman Furniture Franchise Liverpool.

During my time I had always felt I wanted to live overseas before I got to the point of ‘I should have’ or ‘I wish I had.’ I really wanted to live overseas but at the same time I did not want to leave the company (as you can see what the company and it’s people had already done for me).

A remarkable opportunity arose where I was able to go to live in Ireland and work for Harvey Norman in Swords. I had a spectacular time living, travelling and working there for a year. The people I met will be friends for a very long time.

When I returned to Australia I was given a remarkable opportunity on the 'Franchisee In Training Program' to work for the Harvey Norman Bedding Franchisee and his team at Auburn.

After spending time in various roles , I finally realised my passion is within Bedding for Harvey Norman and cannot wait to see what Harvey Norman has in store for me in the future.

I have met some incredible people along my journey who I will always thank for their time. Each and everyone has taught me something that I will carry into the future.


What support have you had in your career development?

Harvey Norman has given me the opportunity to find my passion. I have been very lucky in being a part of so many different roles. I was never 100% on what career I should take once I left school and Uni. Harvey Norman gave me the chance to search for that career.

I loved learning each one as it has made me see how the Harvey Norman puzzle pieces create the bigger picture. How one job flows onto another person’s job.

I think we participate in training everyday but the 'Franchisee In Training Program' is proving to be extremely beneficial. It’s a fantastic learning experience.


What have been some of the highlights of your career to date?

Recently I have been appointed to the position of Bedding Franchisee at Harvey Norman Nowra.  I have been fortunate to be able to travel and experience a position I have worked very hard to reach.  Everyone in the Nowra store has been extremely helpful as it is a different experience when you are in a shop by yourself.  Once arriving in the store I have realised even more that the support network is next to none.

Meeting so many smart and talented people has been a definite highlight.

Harvey Norman is not like any other multi million dollar public listed company, there is very much an open door policy. I have had great opportunities to talk with people, whom I believe if you were in another company would not have the time for people in store world.